Catering to Every Industry

Construction equipment in Brisbane

At Brisbane Hire Service, we can cater to most industries and carry a wide range of equipment and building machinery that you might need. We often cater to painters, plumbers, electricians, concreters, builders, contractors and DIY home owners in Brisbane.

Delivery 5 Days a Week

Construction equipment

Delivery from Monday to Friday, we look after all of our customers and are happy to deliver equipment to you in the Brisbane area. We will get the gear there, on time and ready to go, and pick it up once the job is finished. Call the team at Brisbane Hire Service today to discuss your requirements.

Well Maintained Equipment

Building machinery in Brisbane store

Your safety is paramount, so we make sure all of our equipment is well maintained and safe. We never hire out faulty or worn out equipment as we are all about quality. If you have any problems, speak with one of our team members and we will sort it out right away.

Our team are always ready to help with any enquiries you might have about our equipment. We aim to deliver the highest standard in customer service and are always seeking to help you get what you need to minimise your down time and get the job done fast.