Popular Items

Petrol Water Jet

Petrol Water Jet

The 2300 psi Petrol Water Jet is available for hire from $106.

We also have in this range the 1500 psi Electric Water Jet, 3000 psi Petrol Water Jet and the 4000 psi Petrol Water Jet.

For your convenience we have extra hoses, extra connections, spare lances, turbo heads, rotary cleaning head attachments and much more, just ask in store.

Concrete Cutting Saw

Concrete Saw

The 14 inch Concrete Cutting Saw, fitted with a diamond tipped blade and trolley mounted starts from $150 for 24 hours hire.

Supply your own blade or purchase one from us to save yourself money in the future and get the Concrete Saw from $88.

In this range we also supply a 16 inch version or an upgraded Concrete Floor Saw fitted with a water tank so you don’t need running water to operate.

Genie Lifters

Genie Lifters

Small Genie Lifters rated to 180kg at 2.4m go out at $72 for 24hrs or the larger size rated to 295kg at 5.4m go for $102 for the same amount of time.

Give us a call in advance to secure your Genie Lifter or ask about our 4 hour rate for a discount.

Jack Hammers

Jack Hammers

We have many different sizes of Jack Hammers, starting from units used to scrape tiles off going all the way up to the heavy duty Bosch Brute.

Light Jack Hammers from $60, Medium from $70, Heavy from $95.

All Jack Hammers come with point and chisel bits, however a range of other bits are available upon request.

Long Term Hire

If you intend to hire out any piece of our equipment for an extended period of time, have a chat with any of our staff about a cheaper rate. We value our loyal customers and will happily help you out with a deal.

Temporary Fencing

Temporary Fencing

Items like Temporary Fencing regularly go out for extended periods of time, come in and talk to any of our staff and we can arrange a discount for you if you're planning to hire out our Temporary Fence.

Book Temporary Fence with us from $1 per Metre.

We also offer Erect and Dismantle for an extra $1 per Metre.

Acrow Props

Acrow Props

Varying sizes of Acrow Props are available, starting from 0.7m going all the way up to 4.9m.

0.70 - 1.00 m   $ 6 / week

1.10 - 1.80 m   $ 7 / week

1.65 - 2.65 m   $ 7.5 / week 

1.97 - 3.35 m   $ 8 / week

2.58 - 3.96 m   $ 8.5 / week 

3.20 - 4.90 m   $ 9 / week